The North Face On Boarding Journey

Taking the theme of an outdoor survival kit, this TNF onboarding kit is a playful gear box full of essential items to ‘survive’ their fist 90 days at The North Face onboarding journey.

The Welcome Kit

The kit is divided into 2 sections. The left contains guides on the 90 days program;
The right contains brand/culture related materials.

The Journey Map & Passport

The idea is to break the 90-day onboarding journey into three "hiking tracks." The metaphorical hiking "Journey Map" illustrates each step and activity that employees need to complete in a fun and adventurous way, inspired by the spirit of The North Face.
The first 30 days represent the "Blue Track," focused on understanding the brand. The next 60 days, represented by the "Red Track," are dedicated to gaining insights into consumers. The final 90 days, symbolized by the "Yellow Track," involve exploring the world of TNF.

To motivate employees, they are encouraged to collect stamps in their "passport" from managers and, in return, receive small gifts for each achievement along their journey.

Brand Ethos Booklet, Stickers & Pennants

The Reward Program

Completing each milestone will be rewarded with a pack of four enamel pins, which also feature messages from the managers.

A canvas banner will be provided as a certificate of graduation/completion. This banner can be pinned or hung in the employee's cubicle and serves as an excellent display medium for all the enamel pins they collect during the 90 days.
Thank You

Concept & Design: Queenie Yehenala @ 1/R
Photography: HJS Studio
Production: Tian Tu Packaging

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