lululemon 'Find Your Wellbeing'
_PR Seeding Gift Box

The brief was to create a seeding kit (like an advent calendar) that leads up to the Global Mental Health Day (Oct 10), which will include a combo of lululemon and non-lululemon gifts that speaks to mental health.

‘Find Your Wellbeing’ is the campaign concept. The seeding kit needs to communicate the importance of holistic wellbeing through mental wellness, social connection & physical health. 

Motivational, Intriguing, A sense of calmness are the 3 key design principles of the project.
01 GROW: For Your Mental Wellbeing
02 CONNECT: For Your Social Wellbeing
03 MOVE: For Your Physical Wellbeing

Upon opening it, the kit reveals three numbered gift boxes, each embellished with graphics that speak to the three dimensions of wellbeing: mental, social, and physical.

Each gift is individually packaged for the joy of daily unwrapping.

01 Gift: Ritual Incense Kit

The recipient can engage in mindful rituals, using incense as a tool to centre themselves, cleanse the space, and create a sense of tranquility. 

Taking time for mindfulness, however short, helps us grow our attention and with practice, it enhances our own wellbeing.

02 Gift: Conversation Prompt Cards set

Taking time to talk to and confide in people we trust helps us stay connected with the world in healthy ways. This conversational game creates opportunities for more fun & engaging gatherings with friends.

03 Gift: lululemon Products

Experience wellbeing and feel the best that you can in​ products designed to support your every move.
Thank You
- Half A Rabbit Design -

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